Canceling breakouts and throwing fade on uneven
skin tone for the ultimate clear skin do-over.
With fading or GIF-style animated images
Flexin’ Our Complexion

Proactive against pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads from forming while lessening dark spots normally left as pimples heal. It’s giving a more even-looking complexion without stripping away at the skin barrier.

pro planet sustainable

We’re a company that centers PEOPLE, PURPOSE, and PLANET. Beyond traditional sustainable measures, we believe Hot Jupiter can have greater impact by taking on a REGENERATIVE business model. We don’t want to simply do less harm, we want to do more good. Learn more about our pro-planet promise.

Make an
instant impression
With fading or GIF-style animated images
Melanin Poppin’

Soothes irritating breakouts with an adaptogenic blend that’s like a hug to your face while keeping acne’s shady plus one (post-acne dark marks) in check.  Main Ingredient Syndrome: Ashwagandha

Why Hot Jupiter?

Why Hot Jupiter? "Skin of color differs in how it responds to inflammation. Many of those I see who are concerned with uneven skin tone and dark spots may not realize what needs attention is the external factor that has triggered this reaction. Hot Jupiter is changing the way we talk about breakouts + post-acne dark spots and educating the next generation to be unafraid to talk about the differences in skin needs."

- Dr. John Ademola, PhD

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Gel Cream Sample

Gel Cream Sample

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